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What people are saying about Mat Tags:

"Well I am surprised that the tags have gone quickly! Please send me another basket of 60!"
-Mark, studio manager

“How smart and cute! The om Ganesh is my favorite! Please make a t-shirt with that design!!!”
-Emylie, yoga student

“Every time I unroll my mat and see my Shiva mat tag, I am reminded to pause and remember why I practice.”
-Shenna, yoga student

"I am the WORST with names-even with my students I've had forever! This is a brilliant idea. THANK YOU! "
-Lila, yoga teacher

"Now I always know which black mat is mine. om namah shivaya!"
-Jennifer, yoga student

"These are gorgeous. What a concept. My students love them."
-Carol, yoga teacher

"What a great idea! These should be mandatory! I love them!"
-Chris, yoga teacher

"I love mat tags!"
-Sue, yoga teacher