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Currently we only sell wholesale at mattags.com.
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General Information:

-Mat Tags create community! It's fun for people when everybody knows their name!

-People LOVE to hear their name.
 Mat Tags™ help teachers to easily recall student's name in classes, leading to higher retention rates!

As stated by careerbuilder.com:
“Being able to remember and use names is a valuable asset in both the business and social arenas. It helps you build instant rapport with new contacts and is key in building new relationships…using someone’s name shows personal interest and concern.”

-Mat Tags™ are a quick pick-up, inexpensive counter item that serves your students.

-Using Mat Tags™ helps you identify items left behind by students, which in turn creates another feel good contact opportunity for your clients.

-They have many uses, not just yoga mats! Encourage use on yoga blocks, journals, water bottles, mat bags (they are NOT recommended for washing though), Teacher Training manuals and workbooks, textbooks, lockers, back packs, laptops and more!
Send us your idea for Mat Tags™!

-Mat Tags are great to tag your studio equipment with too!

-Suggested Retail Price per Mat Tag™: $5

How do Mat Tags™ arrive?

Your Mat Tags™ come in a self-contained small basket with a point of purchase display and 1 Black Dry Erase marker for your convenience and ease of display! Depending on which kit your purchase, more markers may come with it. Click here to view a sample of the display basket. Each tag has a sticker on the front of it with a reminder to use a dry erase marker. For more info about using dry erase markers click here.

You just take them out of the box and place them on your counter or next to your yoga mat display and you are done. Soon all of your student's mats will be tagged for easy identification and inspiration!
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Print your own Custom Display.
Want to customize your display? Click here to download an Adobe Illustrator edittable pdf file(12mb) of the point of purchase display with blank Mat Tags on it. Print it out, trim the white area off and write your own messages on the Mat Tags™ to display in your studio or store!

Print more Mat Tag Signage.
Click here to print another Point of Purchase Display(8.41mb).
Click here to download small entertaining Mat Tag signage(661k).
Click here to download more signs to hang by your mats(800k).

We will soon be posting other signage and POP displays for your tagging pleasure.

Want Custom Mat Tags™?

Email us here if you are interested!

Order your Mat Tags here!

Return Policy
We are happy to replace any merchandise, due to manufacturing defects.
Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns for refunds, we are happy to replace/exchange any merchandise with what we have available, at our discretion. Certain designs may become unavailable due to our production and manufacturing schedule.

The Bigger Picture ~ Click here.

What people are saying about Mat Tags:

"Well I am surprised that the tags have gone quickly! Please send me another basket of 60!"
-Mark, studio manager

“How smart and cute! The om Ganesh is my favorite! Please make a t-shirt with that design!!!”
-Emylie, yoga student

“Every time I unroll my mat and see my Shiva mat tag, I am reminded to pause and remember why I practice.”
-Shenna, yoga student

"I am the WORST with names-even with my students I've had forever! This is a brilliant idea. THANK YOU! "
-Lila, yoga teacher

"Now I always know which black mat is mine. om namah shivaya!"
-Jennifer, yoga student

"These are gorgeous. What a concept. My students love them."
-Carol, yoga teacher

"What a great idea! These should be mandatory! I love them!"
-Chris, yoga teacher

"I love mat tags!"
-Sue, yoga teacher