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About Mat Tags™

Mat Tags are unique, self-adhesive woven labels that stick to yoga mats for
identification and inspiration.

Why use Mat Tags™?

Mat Tags make CONNECTIONS!
 It's fun when everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came!

-Identify yourself. Help teachers to easily recall your name in packed classes. How nice is it when your teacher uses your name instead of this:"Hey you in the black pants, adjust your foot!!"
-Identify your mat from the sea of mats that all look alike.
- Be sure not to practice on someone else's sweaty mat! :)
-If you accidentally leave your mat behind, trust that it will be easily identified by the studio as yours.
-Be inspired by the designs.
-Save paper.
-They make great gifts for your yoga teacher and fellow yogi and yoginis.
-They are excellent for other items too, like your yoga blocks, journals, manuals, laptops and more...

How to use Mat Tags™

-Purchase your favorite design, personlize, peel and stick
-NOTE: For best results use DRY ERASE Markers or a plain black Sharpie and a light touch. Other markers will bleed!
-Be sure to apply firm pressure on the mat tag, especially on your yoga mat. Stepping on it is ideal.

Care Instructions for Mat Tags™

-Mat Tags™ are woven fabric and subject to all the trials and tribulations of fabric. You can gently spot clean your mat tag with warm water, if necessary.

-It is not the best idea to put your mat or Mat Tags™ in the washing machine.
Technically, your Mat Tag could survive this trauma, but best not to subject it to this behavior.
P.S. Most yoga mat manufacturers advise against putting your mat in the washing machine.
You should spot clean your mat tag with warm water, if necessary.

-It is best not to leave your yoga mat in a hot car, this might cause your yoga mat to deteriorate and could cause the non-toxic adhesive on your mat tag to melt. :( Love your mat, bring it inside and use it! If you do leave it in the car and it does melt, just slide it into place and let it cool. Any residue can be easily wiped off with a touch of rubbing alcohol.

How Mat Tags™ Came To Be

Mat Tags™ are the creation of Anusara Yoga Inspired® teacher and designer.

"I teach yoga, as well as attend a lot of yoga trainings, retreats and yoga classes. I don't know how many times I've put my mat down and walked out of the studio only to come back to not know which mat is mine in the sea of yoga mats in the studio. Workshop after workshop and class after class making paper name tags got monotonous, seemed really wasteful and left my mat not looking so attractive with half peeled off paper labels. In an effort to find a more sustainable (and attractive!) solution to identifying me and my mat, I developed Mat Tags™! Now, it doesn't matter where I practice, the teacher knows my name and I know which mat is mine!"

After about a year of research, testing materials and manufacturers, we finally found the most superior product that we are proud to offer! See the FAQ page for more specifics.

Please use in good practice for identification, inspiration and to make connections!

The Bigger Picture

We believe in dreaming BIG!!! We hope that you do to!

Realizing that we can't save the world all alone, we hope that as Mat Tags make connections with in each of our communities that the six degrees of seperation is lessened and we all begin to come together in our larger communities and lend a hand to all that we can!

Heartbreaking fact...1.1 BILLION people in the world do not have clean drinking water. Please think about this EACH time you turn your faucet on, buy a bottle a water, or even just simply water your plants or your lawn. For more information about how you can help, please check this site out: http://www.h2oafrica.org. A percentage of our proceeds will benefit this organizaiton.

Additional percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Mat Tags will go to various Yoga Scholarships geared toward making yoga accessible to those in need and other charitable organizations.
If you have an organization you deem worthy, please feel free to contact us.